Happy New Year! Hello there, 2020…

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a great and safe holiday season with friends and family. I spent some quality time with my family, but I also had to work, but that’s just life, huh? Anyway, a new year means (hopefully) much more fansub releases by us. Of course, that will all depend on what happens in each one of our members lives offline AKA real life. I’m really confident that we’ll release more stuff than last year. It’s very likely that we’ll pick up some new projects to work on throughout the year. What those potential projects will be? I’m not quite sure yet. Whatever interests us and catches our attention.

I hate to say this, but I’ll probably go on at least one of my (in)famous MIA stints some time during the year. It pains me to have to take a long leave from subbing, but alas, real life is just like that. But while I’m active, I’ll do my best to translate and/or do translation checks on as much stuff as I can. Well, that’s what I always shoot for, so there’s nothing different in that department. Just like last year, I’ll also sometimes be helping out Collectr at Orphan Fansubs and Saizen Fansubs. Plus, I’ll probably be helping out some other groups, like Soldado-Subs and Yabai Fansubs as well. Oh yeah, last month, I agreed to help out Honobono Fansubs, so if you follow or check their stuff out, I’ll be helping them finish up Goldfish Warning and whatever else projects I agree to help out on afterwords. I’ve been subbing for quite a while now (my 14th year this year), so I know quite a few subbers and am always willing to help out fellow old school anime subbing groups or subbers still active and around (which is not very much). I’m not trying to claim in the slightest that I’m an “elite tier” or whatever subber, but since I’ve been around for a while, I have a fair amount of connections. I’ve always flew under the radar, so I’m still kind of an unknown in the whole fansubbing scene in general. I have always preferred to be the “mysterious subber”, whom doesn’t step into the limelight much at all.

Anyhoo, this is the general overview of our group’s goals for 2020. We hope to exceed them, but only time will tell. I know we’re not popular or that well-known, but to all the people who watch and wait for our releases, thank you very much. I hope you enjoy our work and that it brings you all joy, because that’s one of our goals as a fansub group. Well, take it easy, everyone.

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