We’re a new group comprised of mainly long-time subbers. All of the members work for and are a part of multiple groups, by choice and maybe not (lol). This group is dedicated to our dearly departed friend and former fellow fansubber, ConsiderPhlebas (CP). We thought that this would be a great way to honor the life and fansubbing contributions of our friend, CP. Of course, we like what we do, so that’s another reason why we sub and continue to do so. As the saying goes, “For the love of it!”

Anyway, we’ll be subbing anime that either CP liked or ones that he would have liked. For the most part, they will be currently unsubbed, unlicensed (for both streaming and home video releases), and underrated/overlooked anime. Sometimes, there will be exceptions, like re-subbing old subbed anime that can be “polished up” (or rather, ancient formerly licensed VHS/LD stuff and pre-digisubs era stuff).

All of us (I think) here at CPP prefers quality over quantity, so don’t expect super speedy releases. Plus, like a lot of you out there, we have real life obligations that takes us away from this hobby of ours. Of course, we’ll do the best that we can to at least keep up a fairly consistant output of releases. But we won’t and can’t guarantee anything. You all have been warned. 😉

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