Fansubbing is dead now. Why even bother creating a new group?

Well, mainly because of what you’ll see/read in the About section on this website. I also wanted to create a group of my own, not because of internet fame or anything like that (since I never cared for that stuff), but because I always had somewhat of an interest doing this. It’s nice to run things exactly the way you want to or “being your own boss”. So yeah, nothing really special.

Do you accept requests? Will you sub (enter name of anime here)?

Maybe? It all really depends on if the entire team is interested in the requested project(s) and we want to sub it. Also, we really prefer to work on unsubbed/underappreciated/unlicensed/ancient subs that really need reworking stuff. We don’t prefer working on licensed material, oversubbed/popular/currently airing stuff (well, there might be acceptions, here and there), editing and “tweaking” pro subs (like Crunchyroll, Funimation, Sentai, and etc) and anime that already has decent (or better) quality subs. Our goal is to work on and release “original subs” of anime that either never has been subbed or has ancient subs that we feel needs to be overhauled.

Honorifics or no honorifics?

Personally, I don’t really care if honorifics are there, as long as the story takes place in Japan or is very “Japanese-like” and the character(s) are Japanese and use it because of their upbringing and etc. Sometimes, honorifics may be more necessary or work better in these situations. If the story takes place outside of Japan and the character(s) are non-Japanese, then I honestly don’t think it’s necessary to have them present, since it looks and sounds rather odd and out of place. However, I’m fine with them being completely omitted, too. If it means less screen clutter, better readablitly, and etc, I’m totally OK with them not being there. All in all, it depends on your preference. Depending on the setting of the anime we’re working on and the character’s ethnic background, we may opt to use honorifics. It really boils down to how the entire team feels about it and will be a “case by case” thing, I guess.

Are you guys recruiting? I want to help you guys. Can I join?

At the moment, not really, but it all depends on what position you’re applying for. It definitely never hurts to have extra/back up translators/translation checkers, so if any good, reliable ones apply, then the chances are high that we’ll accept them into the group. Finding good, reliable translators/translation checkers has always been the toughest to do in the fansubbing scence. But that also applies to any other position, too. If we can find the right people we’re looking for, we’ll accept them into the group, regardless of the position. So if you think you’ve got what it takes for whatever fansub position you want to do, feel free to contact either tenkenX6, FD, Eternal_Blizzard, ninjacloud or any OP (a person with a ” @, & or ~” symbols next to their nick name) at #CPP on irc.rizon.net, send an email to considerphlebasproductions@gmail.com, or leave a comment in the Recruitment section here on the website. Keep in mind all positions you apply for will have some kind of test. This is so we can gauge your skills and to see if you are a good fit for our group. We want to maintain our standard of quality subs, so it’s nothing personal or anything.

Why are you guys so slow? Even sloths release faster than you.

Well, first and foremost, all the members of our group highly prefer “quality” over “quantity”. Why? For various reasons like being long time fansubbers, putting our “TLC (tender loving care)” on the stuff we work on, just liking quality subs in general, and not being or caring to be a speedsub group. Like a lot of you out there, we all have real life commitments offline, so that greatly effects our output speed. Plus, we all help out at multiple other fansub groups, so that factors into it, too. We’ll be releasing our projects when they’re fully ready, so just please bear with us and understand this.

What should I use to watch your releases?

Well, any codec pack that supports all the formats generally used in fansubbed anime, like CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack), and/or any decent video playback software, like MPC-BE (Media Player Classic – Black Edition), VLC, MPV or SMPlayer. Just find something that suits your needs and preferences, really.

Do you accept donations?

As far as monetary donations, no. I personally believe no monetary profit should be gained from creating fansubs. We’re doing this on our own spare time and because we love doing this stuff. It’s not like we’re pros or anything like that or that this is a real paid job. There may be exceptions to this on rare ocassions, like when we want to purchase a rare and expensive Japanese DVD or blu-ray to use to encode for our release(s). We do, however, welcome donations of DVD and/or blu-ray rips of any anime we’re currently working on or planning to work on. Sometimes, we have a hard time of finding good source video files of the anime we’re working on or want to work on. So if you’re good at “hunting down” anime on various online P2P (peer to peer) networks, like U2, Perfect Dark or etc, we’ll be more than glad to accept your generous donation(s).

The quality of your translations, encoding, typesetting, and/or editing sucks. Why are you even wasting your time?

Well, that’s just a matter of personal opinion. We’re definitely not “pros” or try to be or act like them. I can safely say that all the members of our group have enough fansub experience and experience at what position(s) they do work in to bring you quality subs. You definitely will not get questionable quality subs you may see in HK DVDs, Google Translate (or any other similar translation engines online) translations, and etc. Like stated above, how “good” the quality of our subs are all depends on you. Besides, if you think they’re that bad, why not try helping us out and help improve the quality? There’s the other option of doing it yourself, whether that means creating your own fansub group or “one manning it”. 😉

Can I use your subs to translate them into my native language?

Sure. Feel free. Please just remember to give us credit. We don’t like people ripping off all of our hard work and taking credit for them. I’m pretty sure no one likes this happening. In the end, we can’t really stop you from taking credit for our work, but it’s just “a nice and respectful thing to do”. Respect goes a long way, you know.

Can I upload your release to anime torrent websites/trackers?

Well, we can’t stop you from uploading the files you download to any online place, whether it be anime websites/trackers, streaming sites (like YouTube or KissAnime), and etc. We already upload (and will continue to upload) our releases to Nyaa.si , so uploading them there is unnecessary.

Do you accept joints? Will you do a joint project with our group?

It all depends. If you’re working on an anime that we’re interested in and want to work on, them maybe. The factors vary, so it’s really hard to say. Try asking us and we’ll go from there.

Did you drop (enter name of anime here)?

Unless we make a formal announcement here on the website about a project being dropped, the project(s) is/are still on-going. Please don’t bug us about this because it gets old really fast and may cause us to stall the release(s) intentionally. 😉

Why have I been banned from the IRC channel?

You probably said something rude, mean, or did something stupid enough to get booted. It’s okay to joke around and stuff, but there are limits to what you should say and how you act. So please, act accordingly. We’re all about having fun on IRC, so please keep it that way. If you think you were banned unjustly, you can PM (private message) a channel OP (a person with the “@”, “&”, or “~” symbols next to their nick name) and try to reason with them. Just a reminder, the OPs can check the channel logs, so lying about what you did and etc won’t help your cause. We will not hesitate permanently banning any user that causes us any major problems/headaches. You all have been warned.

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