As you can see, we’re a new group (but not new to fansubbing), so we could use some extra help. We prefer that you have some kind of prior fansubbing experience, but it’s not a must. If we find the right people, we can train them in the various positions in the fansubbing process.

You can apply by sending us an email at with something like “Applying for (whatever position(s) you’re applying for)” in the subject field, coming to the IRC channel at #CPP on Rizon and contacting any of the OPs (the people with the ” @ , & or ~ ” symbols by their names) or tenkenX6Eternal_Blizzard, FD or ninjacloud about wanting to join and etc, or you can fill out the contact form below.

Please be advised that all positions will be tested in one way or another. We take ourselves seriously when it comes to quality subs, so we want to select the people we believe will help us maintain our standards. You all have been warned. 😉