tenkenX6:  Leader(?), Co-founder, Translator, Translation Checker, Keeper of the “Moonian Template”

FD:  Co-founder, Editor, QC, dabbles in other areas, whipping boy 😮

Eternal_Blizzard: Co-founder, Editor, Encoder, QC, Timer, Typesetter, Translator (Spanish -> English), Raws provider

ninjacloud: Time machine, Raw provider, Template finder

zegond:  Typesetter (Inactive)

Mizu no Kamo: QC, resident duck, youngest member 😉 (Inactive)

Kuroiryuu:  QC

konnakude: Editor, QC, Resident cat lover (Inactive)

Vigorousjammer: QC (Inactive)

BeeBee (mcbeth_): QC

Nemesis: QC