Part 1 – CP: The Fansubber

In this part, various subbers who knew CP will talk about everything they knew and experienced about CP as a fansubber. This should make for an interesting read, since it’s a part of fansubbing history.


Well, where to start. I first had the honor of meeting and getting to know CP back towards the end of 2008, when he first joined Live-eviL. I was still new to the group myself, so I was a noob like him too. Anyway, the first time I had a conversation with him, he automatically came off as a nice and friendly person. He was very humble and had a big facination and love for anime and manga. After our initial conversation, I couldn’t help but want to chat with him on IRC each and every day that I saw him there.

CP originally joined up as a QCer (Quality Checker), but later also became an editor. He was very passionate about the work he did on the projects he worked on. He always worked so hard, was very reliable, and was willing to help out in any way that he could. A pretty rare combination of traits in the fansubbing scene, because a fair amount of the times, all three of those traits don’t “meld together” so perfectly. Even though English was a second language for him, his QC reports and editing jobs were often better than a lot of native English speakers. He worked hard and took pride in improving his English skills. A very admirable thing indeed. He would often note in his QC reports that English was a second language for him, well, just because he was very detailed in that kind of way.

The types of anime CP liked to fansub were old(er), underrated, and unsubbed stuff. Not that he didn’t enjoy newer anime, he just wanted to sub stuff that hadn’t seen the light of day yet. He really liked slice of life and comedy stuff, among others. It’s thanks to him that fansubbing projects like Yawara and Queen Millennia got finished up. He bought the DVDs or blu-rays for them and also helped out in the subbing process. We’re talking about the Japanese versions of these shows, so the DVDs and blu-rays cost a pretty penny. But he didn’t mind, since he loved the shows and wanted to sub them for the sake of all the fans out there to get the opportunity to watch them. A fair amount of series would probably not have gotten the quality English subbed releases if it weren’t for his passion and efforts. This fact can’t be overstated.

CP was a part of and helped out a number of fansubbing groups throughout his time in the scene. Some of the groups are Live-eviL, Saizen, Orphan, and Mamiko. I can’t remember all of them because he helped out a lot of groups. As far as I know, he mainly helped out at Live-eviL, Saizen, and Orphan. His contributions were very plentiful in these three groups. He was a go to guy in them as well. Without his help, some things in all three groups would have never seen the light of day or taken much, much longer to see the light of day. This is also another fact that can’t be overstated.

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