Part 2 – CP: The Person

Here, we’ll be going into details about what kind of person CP was. Everything about his personality, quirks, and etc. Again, you all will (hopefully) read comments by various other people in the group besides me posting stuff about this.


CP was one of the nicest, humble, hard working, and friendliest people I knew in the fansubbing scene. It was always a pleasure talking with him about things related to fansubbing and not related to fansubbing. He was just a fun person to chat with, plain and simple. We spent countless hours on IRC chatting it up. I knew that after a long, hard day at work, just talking with him would make all the tensions go away. CP just had that kind of affect on me and a lot of others who associated with him. Truly a great example of the term “Mr. Nice Guy”. I could always count on him to have a good old time just chatting it up on IRC, no matter what day, week, month or year it was. He was a great chatting partner 365 days a year.

Along with his immense love for anime and manga, he also had a lot of interest in the country of Japan, its culture, and its people. He definitely was a “Japanphile”, but not a “weeb (weeaboo)” or anything creepy/negative like that. I would say a “connoisseur” would be closer to what he was in regards to this matter. I’m just very glad that he got to actually go and visit Japan before he passed away. It was a big dream of his to visit there some time in his lifetime. He had seen a lot of different anime series, movies, specials, OVAs, and etc. But there’s far too much anime out there to see in one lifetime, so he would sometimes ask me for recommendations. I once recommended he watch the ARIA anime franchise, to which regrettably, he never got around to doing so before he passed away.

Personality-wise, CP was very easy going, friendly, nice, caring, humble, and respectful. He was always in good spirits and enjoyed life and the company of others. I don’t think I can recall even one incident/time when he actually was mad. He never let his emotions get the best of him, that’s for sure. Of course, he would be really happy a lot of the times and stuff, but never went overboard. Just being around him made me feel better and changed me in positive ways. He had a way of influencing all the people around him in good ways. A true sign of a great person. It can’t be overstated how much of a positive influence he had on me personally and everyone else who knew him. Everyone always had good things to say about him and never any negative things, as far as I know. You just couldn’t hate him, because he was that nice of a guy. I am truly honored and humbled to have gotten to know such a great person like CP.

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