CP Day 2020

As some of you may remember, CP’s birthday was Christmas Eve so it’s only fitting that we release some more fairy tales to mark the day. It doesn’t feel like 5 years since we lost our friend CP but we hope to continue honoring his memory with more releases in the years to come. And there may be some surprise new projects on the way in 2021 too, so watch this space!

[CPP] Fairy Tales From Around The World (Manga Sekai Mukashibanashi) – Volume 03
md5 = N/A

6 thoughts on “CP Day 2020

  1. white spring

    I can’t describe how I am grateful to you. Hope you all in good health and well. Thank you so much. your blog is a treasure for me thank you for your time and your efforts.


  2. Laura

    I’m happy you’re subbing the anime Fairy tales from around the world. But do you think you can put up a lot more than four episodes when you update. Sorry if i’m sounding impatient, but I do wish you can hurry up a bit more with your updating because I want to see more subbed episodes as soon as possible. Not just once a year.


    1. ninjacloud

      We can release more, but with our current situation, it’s more like a hobby rather than a job or a task for the community, so we don’t really follow any precise time in our release schedule.

      As for the next release, it’s at the last stage, so we may release it this year.


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